Collaboration #2

Anita Skeen wrote:

Button Bag

It hunkers in a corner
of my grandmother’s closet,
the brown paper soft
as a rag from the rolling,
unrolling and re-rolling
shut.  On rainy days
I take it out, hearing
the buttons gossip
when they jostle, sack
scrunched in my arms.
I try to unwrinkle
the red A & P.

I dump them
on the linoleum,
careful they don’t escape,
wheel under the nubby
sofa or the bench
by the fire,
wobble like bees
down the honeycomb
furnace grate.

They’ve all been somewhere,
thumbed by someone.
Shoved through
a woolen hole,
slipped from a silk slit.

They could be
in a dry goods
world, medals
for combat
in kitchen and garden,
stars fallen
from a houndstooth sky.

Rhinestones set
in a blue bowl, anchor
etched on a gold sun,
a plaid puff.
Sheriff’s badge,
a leather four patch,
this hard metal snap.

They’re odd
ones, leftovers,
unmatched like me.

Guillermo Delgado’s response image:

Guillermo Delgado's "Untitled #2″ 2009  watercolor, marker, and graphite on 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper, 11.5” x 15.5”

Guillermo Delgado's "Untitled #2″ 2009 watercolor, marker, and graphite on 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper, 11.5” x 15.5”


4 thoughts on “Collaboration #2

  1. The geography of our eroded possessions?

    I like this exchange a lot – especially for the terrain in each of the artworks….

  2. I really like the poem and the artwork because I think they would work great in the classroom for a lesson that mainly focuses on teachers getting to know their students. The poem explains how each button is different; like each student is an individual and no one is the same and no one matches eachother. Then the picture will be there to serve as a trigger to help students create their own individual buttons and to help them write about what makes them unique as a person. I think the art work and poem will provide students with some inspiration that it is ok to be different from everyone else.

  3. This poem and artwork embrace individuality compared to conformity. It would be wonderful for younger students to encourage their spontaneity and reassures older students during that oh so wonderful “awkward” phase. I think that this is definitely something created from EXPERIENCE

  4. These two pieces are perfect to retell or show to students within a classroom. We are all individuals, every single one of us. This makes it easy for every student to relate and find a special meaning behind the poem and artwork. Just like the thousands of different leftover buttons, everyone can depict their individuality in different ways. This makes for a great classroom activity.

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