Collaboration #3

Guillermo Delgado’s image:

Guillermo Delgado's "Untitled #3″ 2009 watercolor, marker,collage, and graphite on 300 lb. Fabriano Artistico paper, 15.5” x 11.5”

Guillermo Delgado's "Untitled #3″ 2009 watercolor, marker, collage, and graphite on 300 lb. Fabriano Artistico paper, 15.5” x 11.5”

Anita Skeen’s response:

                What the Seed Knows

                winter plods on like a Russian novel, spring
                    hints, haiku     

                tight blouses unbutton, jackets unzip,
                    skin is not just skin

                rich soil proliferates
                    in the heart, in the hand
                    that can never let go

                rivers flow unseen, underground, unfettered

                some dig down, some rise up
                    some survive

                sleep is not dreamless:
                    how else the orange, the dogwood?
                    the phalanx of asparagus?

                coddled in the pod,
                    all the seed needs:

                darkness, more snug
                    than light

                grit splits the rock, raises
                    a tiny fist, screams
                    the world into profusion
                    of petaled racket

                    to uncurl and unfurl
                    to unhusk from the crust

                to inhale, exhale
                    turn toward what's bright


6 thoughts on “Collaboration #3

  1. Hey you two! I love the image AND the poem. Look at that orange! And, Anita, thanks for doing your own little dance to bring us all SPRING!

    Lovely poetic images…


  2. Beautiful. My maples are unhusking. They bring the sneezes, but, ah, yes, also spring!


  3. Guillermo,

    This is a fantastic project. I’m completely enthused by the first few collaborative pieces. I can’t wait to see more.


  4. This project gets me in the mood for spring! I really enjoyed the relation between the poem and the piece of artwork. During spring time, everything is new and young. Young plants are in bloom and the color changes from the dark of winter to the warm yellow of the sunshine. It makes me have hope that spring is near as I’m looking out the windown watching snowflakes fall to the ground.

  5. I love how these pieces explore the transient nature OF nature and life. It would be a great experience to have students respond to the combination of these two pieces

  6. Absolutely beautiful. You can smell, taste and see the growth of spring. With both Anita’s vivid use of imagery and Guillermo’s skilled brush strokes I can close my eyes and feel spring.

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