Collaboration #6 Anita Skeen wrote, Guillermo Delgado responded

            New Balance

            These are the shoes I bought
            my mother for comfort and support
            when she and my father hiked
            the sidewalks at Water's Edge,
            their morning ritual.

            I wished her to go

            These are the shoes I tied
            for her, perched on
            the Lone Star quilt of her bed,
            her eyesight too poor,
            her back too stiff.

            These are the shoes
            I could not give away,
            our feet the same size (7N),
            our paths different:
            hers to the Baptist Church,
            mine toward the studio.

            This morning I tuck my foot
            into the cradle of leather
            rocked by her step, my foot
            a square peg in a round hole,
            my toes bound.  I jerk the laces
            for a tight fit, bring strings
            to a knot.

            I do not fit
            her impression.

            The day strides on.
            I step into it
            in my mother's shoes:

            along the gravel road,
            over flagstone, up the grassy
            bank, kicking through dust,
            squealing on tile,
            lingering beneath stars.

            By nightfall, we're cozy,
            my feet and my mother's shoes.
            We keep walking, walking.


Untitled #6, 2009, watercolor, marker, graphite, and acrylic on wood, 10 x 10.25 inches

Guillermo Delgado's Untitled #6, 2009, mixed media on wood, 10 x 10.25 inches


One thought on “Collaboration #6 Anita Skeen wrote, Guillermo Delgado responded

  1. I definitely would not see these two pieces “going together.” However I must assume that the free association and thought process that ensued reading the poem must be unique to the individual [reader knowledge bias]. This is a great example for the classroom teacher to learn that preconceived notions of “acceptable” “right” and “wrong” should be dispelled since the PROCESS is more important than the PRODUCT.

    These are lovely pieces of work

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