Collaboration #21, Guillermo Delgado’s image, Anita Skeen responded

Guillermo Delgado’s Untitled #21, 2010, mixed media on paper, 22” x 30″

At the Place Where

In the farmhouse, in the meadow, in the field 
of stones,

the voices remain, regardless.

Did he hold his hands just so 
when he spoke of how far he had come?

Did she lean into the conversation, 
bent by sorrow?

And the boy, was he always watching 
as the girls turned their heads?

Who heard the wisp of his voice 
as he lowered his eyes?

When it happens with gunfire 
or the steel shiver of the blade,

with sticks, with rocks, with kicks, 
syllables shatter,

unanchor from language.


there is chatter in the trees.


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