the project


This “call and response” project between writer Anita Skeen and artist Guillermo Delgado will yield twenty-six creative writing/art works by Spring 2011.  Subscribe to see the bi-weekly collaboration!

Anita Skeen writes:

In our lives every day there are hundreds, even thousands of things:  teaspoon, doorknob, steering wheel, textbook, ipod, computer, coffee mug, pencil, boot, letter….the list is endless.  What is our relationship to all these things?  How do they contribute to our lives?  What are the lives they lead unknown to us?  What goes on in the crevices of a piece of molding?  What would a bookshelf say about its contents?  Or the basketball that whooshes through the net?  Is the fence keeping in, or keeping out?  What of the tomato before salsa?  What of the lamp left on alone in the house at night?  Let us investigate.

7 thoughts on “the project

  1. “Call and response”? You are applying an idea usually associated with music to establish a dialogue between two artists. I love it! I look forward to see where it takes you.

    Juan Dies
    Sones de Mexico Ensemble

  2. Dear Guillermo and Anita,

    I love what you are doing. I look forward to each new posting with anticipation of another wonderful collaboration. Keep it up!

    Best regards,
    Julie Wagner

  3. Dear Guillermo and Anita,
    All I can say is wow! What a great concept… I am enjoying the
    artistic interplay between the two of you. It’s beautiful.

  4. Thank you for posting a link to facebook or I might not have known of your collaboration. Love the regular but limited scope of the work and the interplay of image and word.


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